#018 Mug-Yinyang

Holds about 13 oz filled to the rim Prototypes and Seconds Sale! Please read carefully....

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Holds about 13 oz filled to the rim

Prototypes and Seconds Sale! Please read carefully.

Before I tell you more about this particular piece (please find info about this specific mug a bit lower in the description) I’d like to tell you more about this collection. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve developed a whole new line of work. New form, new designs, new handle. 

All while keeping an attention de detail and being meticulous with my art, I was hoping to create a line of work that would be a bit less time consuming and therefore a bit more affordable. It was important to me to find a way to make this new collection of work as interesting and fun in more than one way. As always, I’ve had a lot of fun with textures and design. I’m really happy with how the new glazes are turning out, even thought there was an adjustment period.

In the process of coming up with this new work, I was making a lot of things for the first time and also learning. None of these pieces are particularly bad, but they have things about them that I have decided to change or alter slightly. Some are a little bit heavier than I strive for, some have slight glaze imperfections. They are all food safe.

ABOUT THIS MUG: There is a bit of normally unwanted texture at the top and base of handle. It is comfortable and not sharp, just something I've been trying to avoid. The mug has a little bit more weight at the base than I am normally shooting for, but isn't specifically heavy, especially since it is on the smaller side.


IMPORTANT : If you need a ‘’signature required’’ package, it is important you mention it in the buyers note and/or with a message through this platform. I strongly recommend this if you live in an apartment building or anywhere that does not provide a safe spot for your packages if you aren’t home to bring it inside right away. Etsy packages do not come with a signature required automatic setting and this may result in a small charge (or less or no shipping overages). Same with insurance. I unfortunately cannot take responsibility for losses of that sort, especially after delivery (stolen packaged or other). Thank you so much for understanding!