#014 Big Cauldron-Textured with ferns

Dimensions (approximately): about 8" at widest point, and 5.5" tall A while back, I decided...

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Dimensions (approximately): about 8" at widest point, and 5.5" tall

A while back, I decided to make cauldrons year long, no restrictions! Since then, I’ve explored many different styles inspired by my original and newer designs. They are perfect for decoration or use. They are also food safe (unless stated otherwise). As far as being fire safe, I unfortunately cannot take responsibility for anything that could happen if you decide to use fire with this item. A little like my mugs are dishwasher safe, but I would recommend hand washing for longevity. Having said that, they are made from the same materials I make candle holders and incense trays, which I have used multiple times without issue. If you are going to burn in them (and by that I mean actual fire, not incense and such), the safest way is to use sand, salt or something of that matter to help diffuse the heat in the cauldron.

No matter how you decide to use them, I hope you have a great load of fun and that they will know to make you happy. I have build them sturdy, like most my stuff, because I believe ceramics should be used and loved, taken outside and on your favorite adventures. This cauldron was wheel thrown, decorated and glazed me.


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