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This is a seeping tea set, it is not meant for direct heat source or...

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This is a seeping tea set, it is not meant for direct heat source or open flame.

Please not that I will refund shipping overages if the case may be.

Specifications: 5.5" tall (including knob) 7.5" wide (including spout and handle)

PHEW! Tea sets. After many important life changes, living alone and supporting myself fully with my art for a while, I realized that the pressure that comes with it had affected my relationship with clay. In an effort to not only challenge myself, but also get out of my comfort zone and reignite the spark between ceramics and I, I allowed myself to take a handful of weeks to work on something I hadn’t yet put a lot of energy towards : tea pots.

I’m really happy to say that this learning experience (I had only made three teapots prior to these. If you’ve followed me for a while you may remember them) has helped me in the exact ways I was hoping it would. Not only I was challenged, but I learned, cried, stressed and felt so much pride in what came out of this experience.

I made five different tea sets (teapot and small tea bowls). There were all thrown on the potter’s wheel, trimmed, carved and glazed by me. They are made with stoneware clay and, as always, high fired at cone 10. Here is more information about this one:

What I love about it: 

-It pours nicely (although has a little dribble when brought back up)

-It is different than what I normally make. It challenged me and I'm stoked with how it came out!

What I wish was different:

-I wish it poured absolutely perfectly

-I wish the texture matched perfectly between the cup and the teapot, but I was figuring it out along the way

It’s important to note that lusters DO NOT go in the microwave or the dish washer. They are higher maintenance pieces and need gentle care. They are priced according to the fact that the luster itself is expensive and requires a third firing.

IMPORTANT : If you need a ‘’signature required’’ package, it is important you mention it in the buyers note and/or with a message through this platform. I strongly recommend this if you live in an apartment building or anywhere that does not provide a safe spot for your packages if you aren’t home to bring it inside right away. Packages do not come with a signature required automatic setting and this may result in a small charge (or less or no shipping overages). Same with insurance. I unfortunately cannot take responsibility for losses of that sort, especially after delivery (stolen packaged or other). Thank you so much for understanding!