These items were made available at the end of June. If something isn't currently in my shop, it is sold out.
Next shop restock: July, TBD

You’ll find complete descriptions and further explanations in my shop.
Please make sure to consult the item’s listing carefully before purchasing.

1-Green Goddess mug

in sage, 25 fluid oz

2-Ohm & Zen AF mug

in sage, 26 fluid oz

3-Give me a squeeze mug

in sage, 24 fluid oz

4-Landscape & moons mug

in olive, 25 fluid oz

5-Give me a squeeze mug

in sage, 25 fluid oz

6-Landscape & moon mug

in sage, 24 fluid oz

7-Moon & Sun mug

in purple/blue/red, 23 fluid oz

8-Give me a squeeze Mug

in sage, 22 fluid oz

9-Landscape & Moon

in blue, 25 fluid oz

10-Botanical Mug

in olive, 20 fluid oz

11-Landscape and Moon

in olive, 26 fluid oz (slight imperfections)

12-Small moon goblet

in dark blue, 5 fluid oz

13- Triple moon Goddess Goblet

in purple/blue/red, 6 fluid oz

14-Ohm & Zen AF mug

in olive, 9 fluid oz

15-Green Goddess goblet

in sage, 9 fluid oz

16-Small moon goblet

in purple/blue/red 5 fluid oz

17-Triple Moon Goddess goblet

in dark blue, 8 fluid oz

18-Moon Goblet

in purple/blue/red, 7 fluid oz

19-Moon goblet

in purple/red, 6 fluid ounces

20-Green Goddess planter

w/ catch tray, in olive 5.5" tall 5" wide

21-Green Goddess planter

*warped* w/ catch tray, in olive, 5.5"

22-Green Goddess planter

in sage, integrated catch tray 5" tall, 5,5" wide